1. Deed
It is necessary to be provided a copy of proof of ownership of the land on which to build a house. It is desirable for this document to be a deed on behalf of the natural or legal person who will be the owner of the house. Separation protocols, legacy or assigned right to build can also be applied.
2. Plan
Plan of real estate from actual regulation and cadastral plan. The plan is issued by the technical service or service counters in the local municipality and takes up to 15 days depending on the type of service. It is necessary to complete an application form and to provide a copy of proof of ownership for preparation of the plan.
3. Design visa
The visa is necessary to start designing and obtaining output data from utility companies. The design visa is an excerpt of the detailed development plan issued by the Chief Architect of the municipality within the range of the landed property and adjacent to it lots with designated buildings and structures available to it and the neighboring estates and with construction lines marked, and permitted heights, density and intensity of development and other requirements, and the obligatory distances from neighboring properties.
The visa is issued by municipal authorities within 15 days depending on the type of service. For preparation of design visa are required: application form, a copy of proof of ownership and actual plan of the property. For a design visa to be used, the property needs to be a RLP (regulated land plot). If the property is only a land property, it is necessary to take appropriate action to regulate it.
4. Preliminary contract with the regional water company
It is necessary to conclude a preliminary agreement to join the water and wastewater systems. If the settlement has no sewerage system, it is necessary in preparing technical design to provide the design and construction of wastewater treatment facilities for water outlet water. Regional water companies provide the necessary information to join the newly constructed building to existing plumbing systems. The time needed for the preparation of a preliminary contract with the water company extends up to a few months..
5. Preliminary contract with a regional electricity company
It is necessary to conclude a preliminary agreement to join the site to the power grid. Electricity company determines the technical parameters of future accession: supplied power, provision category of electricity, number of phases in the connection point, point of measurement of electricity consumption.
For the preparation of the contract it is necessary to provide information about the estimated installed capacity and type of power supply – single phase or three phase. It is advisable to opt for three-phase power supply that will allow you to use three-phase power loads and evenly distribute load when using consumers with high consumption. When building a house in the rural three-phase power is also recommended due to the fragility of the grid in some rural areas. The time needed for the preparation of a preliminary contract with the electricity companies extends from several months to a year.
6. Surveying
the basis for the design of the building. Surveying results in a digital terrain model showing the existing boundaries of the property and data from existing regulation plan and caused vertical quotes and existing buildings and facilities. Surveying is carried out for a few days, depending on the size and complexity of the plot and up to a week for processing. In the case of areas with unstable soil layers or if required by the designer it might be necessary to prepare a report on the geological and hydrogeological conditions of the terrain. The report is usually done within a month.
7. Preparation of a conceptual design.
The conceptual design is a three-dimensional computer model of the future building, exactly meeting the customer’s requirements. The deadline for making a project is one to two weeks. It is possible to use a readily made design – presented by the site.
8. Preparation of technical investment project.
Technical investment project consists of the following project components:

  • Architecture part
  • Design part
  • Electric part
  • Water and Sewage part
  • Safety and Health Plan part
  • Thermal and Technical Efficiency part

The deadline for the preparation of technical design for newly designed house is one – two months – depending on the complexity and specificity of the project.
When selecting a readily made design – set out in the website, it is only necessary to replicate and adapt the working projects, which takes one to two weeks.

9. Submission of documents to the municipality for consultation and issuance of a building permit
The approval of the technical design usually takes a month and comes into force, if no appeal by stakeholders, within 14 days is made. The building permit is valid for a period of two years. If construction does not start within this period it is necessary to extend the building permit.