Dadant Blatt Bee Hive
(8, 10 and 12 frames)

Dadant Blatt

Consists of a flat or deep bottom board, brood chamber, one or two supers, inner cover or feeder and a roof.

Flat bottom board

Ventilation lid covered with galvanized mesh.

Deep bottom board

Deep bottom board multifunctional suitable for pollen trapping with a table and a rack.

Slidable solid floor table

Slidable solid floor table with a ventilation lid covered by a galvanised mesh and 2 cleats for sealing.

Brood chamber

Brood sides finger-jointed and glued.


Super sides finger-jointed and glued.

Inner covers and feeders


Dummy boards

Queen excluder

Galvanized metal grid in a wooden frame




The thickness of the wood used to manufacture the supers and the brood chambers is of 35mm, 30 mm or 25 mm thickness but other sizes are available should the client request.

The standard wood used is dried pine or limetree with an equibalance humidity of 10-12%.

The price includes a precoat and a waterproof UV protection varnish.

Should the client request the bee hives could be painted with a coloured waterproof paint.

Information on the Dadant Blatt bee hive is available here and here from Wikipedia, as well as form David Cushman’s website.