The foundation of the prefabricated wooden house is performed according to the developed technical design. The foundation is consistent with the characteristics of the plot and the architecture of the house. It can be implemented as a foundation of a stripe type only with removal of the humus layer of the soil, and it also can be designed as a solid one with deep digging into the plot. Upon request we can design and implement a cellar, a basement or an underground garage. In any case, quality waterproofing and drainage system of underground parts of the building must be built.

We offer complete construction of the house, from the foundation to the roof.
If the client wishes to fulfill the foundation on his own, we will continue with the construction of the house after submission by the designer of a document for the acceptance of reinforced concrete structure of the foundation.

Floor Structure

The standard performance of floors is of beams of softwood material with size of 10x10cm located at 60 cm from each other, insulation between beams of Fibran with thickness of 10 cm and flooring of softwood. Upon request we can also install parquet, and in this case under the parquet slabs of waterproof chipboard are placed.
In wet areas, terracotta and faience are placed. For terraces, verandahs, walkways and other outdoor spaces, stoneware tiles or stone slabs are put.

Разрез на стена

External Walls

The standard performance of exterior walls is as follows (from outside to inside): facade plaster, ground coat, external insulation XPS (Fibran) 10 cm, OSB 9 mm, mineral wool 240 mm in a wooden frame, vapour insulation, OSB 9 mm, plasterboard 10 mm, ground coat, interior paint.

Internal Walls

The standard performance of interior walls is as follows: interior paint, ground coat, plasterboard 10 mm, OSB 9 mm, mineral wool 100 mm in a wooden frame, OSB 9 mm, plasterboard 10 mm, ground coat, interior paint.

Floor Slab

In the spirit of the old Bulgarian houses, the floor slab is performed by pre-prepared and decorated supporting beams, on which the floor of a second floor is built according to the technology described above. Before implementation of the floor of the second floor, above the beams panelling, decorated in the color of the beams or painted white waterproof plasterboard, is placed – depending on the interior design of the house and the client’s taste.


The ceiling is built as a floor slab, but instead of the floor structure of next floor, thermal insulation is built to the following technology: beams of softwood with size of 10x10cm, located at 60 cm from each other, insulation between the beams of Fibran with thickness of 10 cm and OSB board 12 mm.

Doors and Windows

The interior doors are made of solid softwood. The front door is made of solid beech wood with metal frame. The joinery is performed of three-layer softwood with double glazed windows of 24 mm K glass. Opening of the windows is as per the architectural design.

Stairs and Railings

The interior stairs are made of solid beech wood with a beech railing of banisters at client’s choice. The external stairs – of terraces and verandahs are performed of a pre-impregnated oak material and a oak railing of banisters at client’s choice.


The internal installations of a part Electrical and Water-Supply and Sewage are implemented as per the projects of these parts. It is obligatorily to install lightning protection and earthing installations and residual-current devices. For houses that will not be used year-round, electric heating of the water-conduit installations is mounted. Upon request, we can install electric heating of gutters and external open entrance areas – the landing in front of the front door, the approach to the garage, etc.

Heating and Ventilation

As standard, in the structure of wooden houses chimney bodies are built as per the architectural design. Upon request, we can perform installation for central heating, as well as photovoltaic panels, solar collectors and other advanced technologies that increase energy efficiency and reduce home heating costs can be mounted on the roof.
For customers, who have a cellar or basement, we offer also a cooling system in the summer, which uses the temperature of the ground layers under the foundation of the house.


As standard, the roof is built of ceramic roof-tiles, wooden grill of laths 3×4 cm, waterproofing tar paper, foundation of 12 mm OSB and a structure of the roof of solid beams, trusses, girders and front boards treated with appropriate chemicals to protect against mold, fungus and pests.