Langstroth Bee Hives (8 and 10 frames)

Langstroth Bee Hive

Consists of a flat or deep bottom board, 3 brood chamber, inner cover or feeder and a roof.

Flat bottom board

Ventilation lid covered with galvanized mesh.

Deep bottom board

Deep bottom board multifunctional suitable for pollen trapping with a table and a rack.



Brood chamber

Brood sides finger-jointed and glued.

Inner covers and feeders

Inner covers and feeders

Ventilation board

Snelgrove board

Dummy boards

Queen excluder

Galvanized metal grid in a wooden frame.


The standard wood used is dried pine or limetree with an equibalance humidity of 10-12%.
The price includes a precoat and a waterproof UV protection varnish.

Should the client request the bee hives could be painted with a coloured waterproof paint.

More information on the Langstroth bee hive is available from Wikipedia here and here, at Dave Cushman’s website.
Click here for a 360º view of the Langstroth bee hive. You need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed.