Hybrid Bee Hive
(8, 10 and 12 frames)

Hybrid Bee Hive

The hive consists of a flat or deep bottom board, different numbers of Dadant broods, Langstroth broods and supers, feeder and roof.

Langstroth Flat Bottom Board

Ventilation lid covered with galvanized mesh.

Dadant Blatt Brood Chamber

Brood sides finger-jointed and glued.

Langstroth Brood Chamber

Brood sides finger-jointed and glued.

Dadant Blatt Super

Super sides finger-jointed and glued.

Inner covers and feeders


The bee hive can be manufactured using two Langstroth brood chambers, two Dadant supers, or a single Langstroth brood chamber and a Dadant super.
There are three versions of the hive: for 8, 10 or 12 frames.
The thickness of super and the brood chambers is between 18- 35 mm. It depends on dissimilar practice and customers’ demand in different regions.
The wood is dried softwood (pine/spruce) up to 12% humidity.
Upon request the hives could be varnished or painted with a color outdoor paint.